Jun 6 2017
Clinic student smiling

Education Law Concentration

Featured Faculty: Albert Kauffman  “Education law applies to our lives from cradle to grave.”

Jun 5 2017
Study law abroad in China

Natural Resource Law Concentration

Featured Faculty: Laura Burney “As the Texas Supreme Court recently noted, James Michener may well be right: ‘Water, not oil, is the lifeblood of Texas . . .’ But together, oil and gas are its muscle . . …

Jun 2 2017
A law student sits in the witness box during advocacy class.

Commercial Law Concentration

Featured Faculty: Ramona Lampley “You can use your degree in Commercial Law in a wide variety of business arenas. It really trains you to think analytically, with a problem solving approach.”

Jun 2 2017

Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration

Featured Faculty: Chad Pomeroy “Our concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship Law both imparts the legal knowledge needed in the business world today and gives our students the tools they need to utilize that knowledge to succeed in business …

Mar 29 2017
Andre Hampton

Healthcare Compliance Law Concentration

Featured Faculty: André Hampton “At well over $3 trillion per year, the healthcare economy accounts for over 17 percent of the U.S. economy. However, health care is also governed by a complex set of specialized laws and regulations …

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