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Master of Jurisprudence –
Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration

The Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration is just one of your options. See the main Master of Jurisprudence page for details about the overall program and other available options.

M.Jur. Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration 

Are you considering a career transition or broadening your entrepreneurial horizon and wondering whether a legal master’s degree is the right path for you? Let’s break down the key factors of a Master of Jurisprudence with a concentration in Business and Entrrepreneurship at St. Mary’s Law to help you make an informed decision.

 Students of the law are renowned for their ability to deconstruct arguments and construct persuasive ones. Law school hones your critical thinking skills, making you adept at dissecting complex issues and presenting compelling cases. The M.Jur. at the School of Law is the perfect analytical compliment to your professional skill set. M.Jur. graduates are taught to excel in precise, detail-oriented communication and make successful entrepreneurs by combining their legal knowledge with their industry-specific toolbox.

If your goal is to practice law, a J.D. is a necessity. However, if you’re considering a broader career in business, an M.Jur. offers a diverse skill set and extensive career opportunities. Keep in mind that your success ultimately depends on how you leverage your education, contacts and knowledge. Choose the path that aligns with your long-term career goals and interests and be prepared to make the most of your chosen degree.

Joseph Liu

“The matriculation ceremony was a bliss. The pledge was epic. It was an awakening gesture to start the journey of studying in law. I felt strongly committed and dedicated to the study by vowing the pledge and signing the paper. It was great to learn the history of St. Mary’s University and the vision of the School of Law. The dean and the faculty demonstrated their knowledge and the experience in practicing laws. They were also very accessible and willing to give advice in a professional field or in personal life. The facility does not just provide a good environment to study but also a venue to network with fellow colleagues. I felt comfortable to go to the law school buildings anytime for any reasons. thank you so much to hosting the ceremony and providing the outstanding experience.”

-Joseph Liu (M.Jur. ’21)

Proven results and professional advancement

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs within the legal occupation sector (non-lawyer) are expected to increase 8% over the average for all occupations from 2022-23. To decide whether or not this is a career worth pursing, you’ll need to ask yourself: Is a career that continually adapts to changing business relationships of interest to you? Do you genuinely enjoy coming to terms with an understanding complex legal issues? Are you willing to analyze a constant stream of statistical information and data? Most importantly, if you can see yourself playing a key role within corporate meeting rooms and answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely to enjoy working in the dynamic field of business law.

“Our concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship Law both imparts the legal knowledge needed in the business world today and gives our students the tools they need to utilize that knowledge to succeed in business and in their community.”

-Chad J. Pomeroy, J.D.
Professor of Law,
Co-Director of the Institute on World Legal Programs in Innsbruck, Austria
James N. Castleberry, Jr. Chair of Oil and Gas Law

Required Courses

Core courses

Fundamentals of the American Legal System
Legal Research and Writing

Choose two from the following:

Criminal Law
Constitutional Law
Property Law


Concentration Emphasis Courses

Course Name Course Numbers
Business Structures LW 5305, 7310
Negotiations LW 5310, 8761
Employment Law LW 5308, 8791
Accounting ACCT or various
Tax various
Sales LW 7694
Secured Transactions LW 7395
Sales/Secured Transactions LW 7494 OR
Commercial Law and Contracting LW 5405
Business Torts LW 7312
Intellectual Property LW 6200
Trademark LW 8685
Copyright LW 8649
HIPAA Privacy Law LW 5607
Cyber Law LW 5313, 6200

Courses marked with an * are required electives. Two additional courses from the list must be chosen.

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