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Master of Jurisprudence –
Health Care Compliance Law Concentration

The Health Care Compliance Law Concentration is just one of your options. See the main Master of Jurisprudence page for details about the overall program and other available options.

M.Jur. in Health Care Compliance Law (offered online)

Over the past three years, the landscape of health care and health care compliance has been reshaped by the COVID pandemic. Not only is job demand up by more than 30% in several key sectors, including the San Antonio metro area and the I-35 corridor, but corporate investment in funding such positions has also increased according to rising salaries. In a recent report by the Society of Human Resources Professionals, the top three priority areas for health care compliance professionals are evidencing compliance program effectiveness, improving program manager ongoing monitoring and increasing leadership support.

As the health care industry continues to grow and evolve in San Antonio and across the nation, professionals in the field are required to manage an increasing diversity of functions.

The industry has seen an increased emphasis on fraud prevention, an expansion of telemedicine and credentialing, as well as antitrust enforcement and health care privacy regulation.

Ideal candidates for the 30-credit-hour M.Jur. program’s health care compliance concentration are working in health care sectors that intersect with the law or are looking to pivot into the health field.

Program components are curated to offer the most efficient delivery of substantive compliance curriculum and procedural fundamentals. This concentration will familiarize you with those concepts required to obtain certification through the Compliance Certification Board.

See what our online Master of Jurisprudence in Health Care Compliance can offer you in terms of your own professional development and meeting these emerging industry needs.

“It surprises many people to learn that healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States.  Our M.Jur. program in Health Care Compliance Law provides students with the tools needed to understand how the regulatory landscape currently affects the business of health care and the evolving trends that will shape how health care is delivered in the future.”

-Jill Vogel


Required Courses

Course Name Credit Hours
Fundamentals of the American Legal System (offered online) 2
Legal Research and Writing (offered online) 2
Contracts (offered online) 4
Torts (offered online) 4


Additional Concentration Electives

Course Name Credit Hours
Administrative Law or Administrative Law & Regulatory Interpretation * (offered online) 3
Health Law * (offered online) 3
Compliance Ethics & Risk *or Compliance (offered online) 3
Business Associations or Business Structures & Statutory Authority (offered online) 3
Business Law and Ethics (offered online) 1
HIPAA Privacy Law (offered online) 2
Antitrust 3
Disability Law 2
Insurance Law 3
Contract Drafting 1
Employment Discrimination Law 3
Employment Law 2


Courses marked with an * are required electives. Two additional courses from the list must be chosen.

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