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The St. Mary’s Law Journal

Since 1969, The St. Mary’s Law Journal has achieved a high level of distinction. The student-led operation strives to publish articles of significant scholarly merit and practical use. The printed product of the Journal reflects developments in the law and in legal education.

Experience gained from participation on The St. Mary’s Law Journal includes extensive training in legal writing, critical analysis, researching, and editing. These valuable skills are thoroughly utilized in the day-to-day operation of a legal publication and carry into practice after law school. The Journal boasts of being recognized for its law review articles. Each year The Texas Bar Foundation awards one article in Texas The Outstanding Law Review Article Award. St. Mary’s Law Journal published the winning article in 1980, 1981, 1986, 1997, 1999, and 2015.

The Journal has produced works cited by numerous state appellate courts, the Texas Supreme Court, and the United States Supreme Court. The St. Mary’s Law Journal is dedicated to providing valuable and practical contributions to the bench and bar on a wide variety of legal issues, as it has done for over fifty years. The Journal has many distinguished alumni including judges and senior partners in prominent law firms.

The St. Mary’s Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics

For more than a decade, the St. Mary’s Law Journal has recruited the highest quality professors, attorneys, and judges to contribute to an annual live symposium, and accompanying print edition, dedicated to this area of the law. Throughout this experience, our editors and readers have witnessed an increasing need for legal scholarship in each of these areas.

 Malpractice claims are on the rise, technology creates novel ethical issues, and the public continues to question the integrity of the legal community. Now, more than ever, the fields of legal malpractice and professional responsibility deserve a scholastic niche set aside solely for the purpose of legal analysis and comment on these topics. Therefore, as an extension of our dedication to this area of the law, the St. Mary’s Law Journal launched the St. Mary’s Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics in 2011. In the two issues it releases each year, this journal focuses solely on legal malpractice and ethics issues and is the only law review in the nation to spotlight legal malpractice issues.

 In addition to the flagship journal’s publication of various articles that received the Texas Bar Foundation Outstanding Law Review Article Award, the 2022 award recipient of the Outstanding Law Review Article Award was Michael J. Ritter for his article, Resolving the Anders Dilemmas: How & Why Texas Should Abandon the Anders Procedure, which was published in Volume 12 of the St. Mary’s Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics.

The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice

The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice seeks to speak on behalf of minorities by reaching out to the larger community, to inform them, to share with them, to educate them and to grow with them. The goal of the journal is to give all minorities a voice in the publication of a legal journal on issues affecting all minorities.

This scholarly journal wishes to extend and further the discourse of issues that touch upon race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexual identity, as well as the countless other labels applied to individuals and groups in our society. The journal members and staff will strive diligently and honestly to produce articles that will offer insights into the daily struggles of minorities today. The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice is a sign of hope for a promising future and for a better understanding of all members of our society. The journal ranks in the top 19 percent of all worldwide journals. Find more information on The Scholar‘s latest issue.