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Special Programs for J.D.

Beyond the course curriculum, St. Mary’s Law equips students with lawyering skills and real-life experiences through our special programs. Our students are national champions in moot court and mock trial competitions and gain hands-on legal experience representing San Antonio’s indigent and disadvantaged citizens.

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    Mentor Programs

    At the St. Mary’s University School of Law, you are part of a community of like-minded students, professors and alumni who are committed to serving not just the community, but each other. We know the law school transition can be hard. But starting your first year, you can find a mentor who will help you navigate on your journey.

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    Law Fellowships

    The Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships provide financial support to students who commit to work on legal matters for veterans. This program is funded by a generous gift from the Moody Foundation.

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    Judicial Internships

    Following completion of the first year of studies, law students at St. Mary’s University may participate in a wide range of pre-graduation judicial internships.

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    Moot Court, Mock Trial and Advocacy Programs

    The development of practical, real-world litigation skills in a courtroom setting is a crucial element of the St. Mary’s experience. This belief is affirmed every day through the actions and accomplishments of our highly respected advocacy programs.

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    Support for Law Success

    The mission of Law Success is to help prepare students for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice. To accomplish this mission, the Law Success program takes an innovative, data-driven approach to student growth by using assessments and data-gathering to plan legal skills development, bar exam initiatives, and individual academic counseling.

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    Warrior Defense Project

    The Warrior Defense Project is an educational and working institution, which operates hand-in-hand with government, business and academia on a variety of legal matters associated with providing legal services to deserving service members.