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Law Academic Calendar

The School of Law Academic Calendar contains all dates and deadlines associated with the fall and spring terms for St. Mary’s Law. You can find the University Academic Calendar on the St. Mary’s University website.

Fall 2021
Aug. 9-11: Orientation for new M.Jur. and LL.M. students
Aug. 9-11: Orientation for all entering 1L J.D. students
Entering Part-Time Student Orientation will run Aug. 9-10, and the evening of Aug. 12.
Aug. 9-18: Course changes online open for J.D. only
M.Jur. and LL.M. course changes through Director
Aug. 9-18: 100% refund
Aug. 16: Classes begin – Fall 2021
Aug. 18: Classes for online M.Jur. begin
Aug. 19-26: 75% refund
Aug. 20: Mandatory Re-orientation for 2L J.D. students

Aug. 27: Mandatory Re-orientation for 3L J.D. students

Aug. 27 to Sept. 3: 50% refund
Sept. 1: Mandatory 1L Bar Exam Declaration of Intent Meeting

Sept. 6: Labor Day – no classes; University holiday

Sept. 6-10: 25% refund

Sept. 17: Last day to drop without academic penalty

Sept. 18: 1L Family Day

Sept. 20 to Oct. 8: Mid-term exams

Oct. 1: Timely deadline for 1L students to file Declaration of Intent to Study Law with Texas Board of Law Examiners

Oct. 1: Deadline to apply for December 2021 graduation, online via Gateway

Oct. 11: Fall Break – no classes; University open

Oct. 12: Mandatory Graduation Meetings for December 2021 Graduates

Oct. 14: Red Mass – evening classes cancelled

Nov. 23: Last day of class

Nov. 24-26: University Thanksgiving Holiday; University closed

Nov. 29: Reading Day

Nov. 30 to Dec. 14: Final Exams – Fall 2021 semester

Dec. 15: December 2021 Commencement Ceremony


Spring 2022
Jan. 3: All Fall 2021 grades due by 5 p.m. CT
Jan. 3-12: Registration re-opens for students to make course changes
M.Jur. and LL.M. course changes through Director
Jan. 3-12: 100% refund
Jan. 6-7: M.Jur. and LL.M. Spring Orientation
Jan. 10: Classes begin – Spring 2022
Jan. 12: Classes for online M.Jur. begin
Jan. 13-21: 75% refund
Jan. 17: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No classes; University holiday
Jan. 21: Mandatory Re-orientation for 2L Evening students
Jan. 22-28: 50% refund
Jan. 29-Feb. 4 :25% refund
Feb. 11: Last day to drop a class without academic penalty
Feb. 14 to Mar. 4: Midterm exam period
Mar. 1: Deadline to apply for graduation in May 2022; online via Gateway
Mar. 4-5: Law Weekend
Mar. 7-11: Spring Break – no classes; University open
Mar. 14: Mandatory registration meeting for Full-Time 1L students
Apr. 1-2: Oyster Bake – no classes Friday or Saturday; University holidays
Apr. 13: Mandatory graduation meetings for May 2022 graduates

Apr. 14: Friday classes meet instead of Thursday classes – Thursday classes cancelled

Apr. 15: Good Friday – no classes Friday or Saturday; University holiday

Apr. 29: Last day of classes – Spring 2022
May 2-3: Reading Days
May 4-18: Final exams – Spring 2022 semester
May 20: Harlan Society Luncheon
May 21: Law School Commencement Ceremony
June 8: Faculty grading deadline for Spring 2022