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Dean’s Scholarships

Dean’s Scholars are students who are recognized during the application process or at the end of each year of study for their prior demonstrated academic success and their commitment to the mission of St. Mary’s University School of Law. Every admitted law student is considered for eligibility for a Dean’s Scholarship soon after the student’s admission to the law school. There is no separate scholarship application.

Endowed Scholarships for Incoming First-Year Students

Alumni and friends have established more than 100 scholarships to recognize the achievements of our students and to enable the men and women of the next generation of legal professionals to complete their studies, as ethical leaders who are committed to justice, peace, excellence in the techniques of legal practice and readiness for change in the law.

The Office of Law Student Recruitment and Admissions considers every student for eligibility for each of the endowed scholarships soon after the student’s admission to the law school. These endowed scholarships provide the financial support for scholarships offered through the Office of law Recruitment and Admissions. Without the generous support of alumni and friends there would be fewer scholarship resources. There is no separate scholarship application.

Scholarships and Dean’s Scholarships for Second- and Third-Year Students

Scholarships for second- and third-year law students are based on merit and performance and are evaluated and awarded by the faculty and the administration on a regular basis throughout the year. There is no application process for these scholarships. Students will be notified if they have been awarded a scholarship.