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Sabrina Salazar

United States District Court for the Western District of Texas – San Antonio, TX

OCS Student Spotlight - Sabrina (1)
How did you get your job?
I found the job posting on CORE and applied that way. I was really surprised when I was offered a position without having to interview!
What did you like most about your job?
The entire internship experience was a dream! I got a lot of courtroom experience, which has been really helpful in terms of my classes this semester. For example, my experience in Evidence has been so dynamic because I have recent, real-life experiences to apply all the rules to. I worked with 4 other interns, most from different law schools (UT, U of H, Vanderbilt). I worked with clerks from Vanderbilt and University of Virginia. I also worked with St. Mary’s students which definitely made the experience less scary early on! It was great to get to meet other law students and recent grads to discuss ideas, cases, experiences, and overall bond with. Judge Ezra was so nice and considerate of our internship experience, always making sure we got the most out of it. The clerks for the different judges would regularly invite the interns to social events so we were always bonding and having fun together outside of work. Also, Judge kept the best snacks in his chambers!
What was the most surprising thing you learned at your job?
My first assignment was to draft a judicial order. I was really surprised when the clerk told me to use my discretion when deciding whether to grant or deny the motion. (Of course, the clerk and Judge double and triple checked my work.) Another exciting and surprising part of the job was Judge’s open-door policy. He even encouraged us to bring our spouses (and my daughter) into chambers.
How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path?
Before my internship I was pretty sure I wanted to practice transactional law. After completing my summer internship, I am now confident I could be a successful litigator, and that I would enjoy it. I was able to secure a position as a litigation associate for next summer at my top choice law firm during the first round of OCI. I know my internship with Judge Ezra helped me secure this position, and the relief I feel having a job lined up for next summer is truly unmatched!