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Ryan Ayala

Office of the Texas Attorney General, Child Support Division — San Antonio, Texas

Ryan Ayala

How did you get your job, and how long have you been there? 

I found the job through CORE, and I was there the whole summer. 

What do you like most about your job? 

What I like most about my job is being able to watch what the OAG does on a daily basis to help families across Texas get the benefits they deserve for their kids’ success.  

How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path? 

This internship has definitely helped me gain experience in the field of family law. Being able to go through the Family Code, read what the law is, and actually being able to apply it to everyday scenarios has definitely been helpful in helping people who seek help from the OAG.

What is the one piece of advice you have for other students? 

One piece of advice I have for other students is not everything you plan for will go the way you thought it will, and that’s ok. Learn from that experience and keep moving forward. For example, my first negotiation I was going to participate in, they gave us a piece of paper with questions that we would need to ask. I practiced that sheet that whole day coming up with different scenarios to be prepared. The next day during that negotiation, it totally didn’t go the way I thought it would. Learning from those mistakes will go a long way in making me a better negotiator.