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Jessica Henry

Microsoft Corporation – Virtual


How did you get your job?

I applied for the Intellectual Property Law Institute hosted by the Hispanic National Bar Association. Corporate Counsel at Microsoft helps to choose the scholars, and my resume caught their eye. I was contacted and invited to interview with Microsoft. It was surreal. There were 5 of us in the interview, and everyone else was from Harvard Law. After a 4-hour-long interview and a painful week-long wait, I was offered the position.


What was the most surprising thing you learned at your job?

The most surprising thing I learned is that I do not have to limit myself to a certain type of law. All of the business groups that I have worked with have consistent skill requirements and function similarly. I have enjoyed working with all different subject matters.

What do/did you like most about your job?

Although I am the HR Legal intern, I am encouraged to pursue projects in any department that interests me. I have done work with Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, Labor Law, Global HR Policy, Intellectual Property, and Immigration. Microsoft is serious about pro bono work, and I have been doing work for KIND through Microsoft, which is very rewarding.

How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path?

As a first-generation law student, meeting so many attorneys who are happy to share their experiences with me and help guide me has been a game-changer. In addition, I have been able to work with in-house and outside counsel to see how their jobs are performed.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at this job?

I have learned that I can do this. I can be an amazing mom, wife, and lawyer.

Did your job change in a virtual workplace?  How did you interact with your co-workers?

Working virtually definitely took away from the incredible experience of working at Microsoft. I prefer working face-to-face! Microsoft has made my experience as fulfilling as possible. All summer, I have gotten packages with food and drinks and sushi-making kits, all to have social interaction with the rest of the legal team. We have also had Las Vegas-style comedy nights and magic shows with celebrity guests.