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Bailey Furgeson

The Law Offices of Maloney and Campolo – San Antonio, TX


What did you like most about your job?

I believe getting context for what we learn in the classroom is invaluable. Every week I research a multitude of legal topics such as medical malpractice, wrongful termination, products liability, and workers compensation. My boss is a patient mentor who takes the time to explain each step in the process. Thanks to the environment at the office, I feel free to explore and grow in my understanding of what it means to advocate for a client.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at your job?

I have learned the importance of attention to detail and organization. When opposing counsel sends discovery production to our office, I am the first one to go through the documents. I create an index, flag relevant content, write a narrative/summary, and organize the documents in a binder. Sometimes I am searching through thousands of pages to find the single document that could lead to a victory for our client.