How you can help students

Our greatest career resources are our alumni. Students are eager to learn about the legal profession and specific practice areas from practicing attorneys.

St. Mary’s University School of Law students benefit tremendously when alumni share their knowledge and experience. We would be honored and extremely appreciative if you agreed to spend a little of your valuable time assisting the next generation of St. Mary’s law students.

Lawyer Link consists of listings of St. Mary’s Law alumni and friends willing to advise students on practice trends, geographic markets, and other career-related topics via email, Zoom, or short phone conversation. It’s a minimal time commitment, with a big impact!

If you would like to offer your time and experience by joining Lawyer Link, complete the Lawyer Link form.

Lawyer Link

Throughout the school year, OCS presents programs focused on different practice areas and employment settings. Most programs follow a loose, informal format allowing for interactive participation by students.

If you are interested in being a presenter or participant, fill out the OCS Volunteer form.

Program Presenter or Participant

Our students get great value from mock interviews, particularly with practicing attorneys. The mock interviews can be at your office, over the phone or virtual, or on campus.

If you are interested in conducting mock interviews, fill out the OCS Volunteer form.

Mock Interviewer Program

Our Project and Remote Opportunity Program (PROP) allows our students to get experience while providing you with assistance to meet your short-term needs. Students can help you with research, writing, discovery, trial preparation, due diligence, or transaction closings, among other tasks. The nature of this program lends itself to many creative temporary staffing solutions.

PROP provides employers with an efficient option for securing qualified applicants for temporary law clerk assignments. These short-term assignments can also be done remotely.

If you are interested in learning more about the Project and Remote Opportunity Program, email Kimberly Underdown or call her at 210-436-3511. To hire a student, post your position in CORE.

Project and Remote Opportunity Program

How we can help you

OCS offers numerous services to St. Mary’s University School of Law alumni. Please contact us if we may be of assistance.

OCS provides you with personalized advising to assist you in all phases of your career planning and job search strategy. You may schedule appointments, either in person or over the phone, with career advisors who are available throughout the day to talk with you and provide advice targeted to your strengths, skills, interests and passions.

Personalized Advising

We are happy to assist alumni in drafting and editing resumes and cover letters.

To have your resume or cover letter reviewed, please email your documents to us. Your documents will be sent back to you with comments and edits.

The CORE Resource Library also has numerous resources to help with your resumes and cover letters.

Résumé and Cover Letter Reviews

Local and national employers post attorney and legal-related positions in our job bank (CORE). If you do not have access to CORE, you can request access here.

Alumni also have access to job postings from various law schools across the nation by accessing the Intercollegiate Job Bank through CORE. Once logged in, you can find the link and password for the Intercollegiate Job Bank by going to Resource Library > Job Search.

Job Listings

Graduates seeking opportunities outside the San Antonio area may wish to take advantage of reciprocity from other law schools. Reciprocity is a system by which OCS requests the career services office of another law school to grant St. Mary’s students and graduates access to that school’s resources.

Reciprocity is requested and granted individually. Each law school has its own reciprocity policy regarding what it offers to someone from another law school. If you want reciprocity with a particular law school, review that school’s policies prior to submitting your request.

Reciprocity is a valuable favor from another law school. If you are requesting reciprocity:

  • Ask only if you need and will use the resources available to you at the other law school.
  • Request reciprocity when you are ready to use it because reciprocity is time-limited. Once expired, you must reapply.

Please email or call 210-436-3511 if you would like our office to request reciprocity with another law school’s career services office on your behalf.  Please allow two weeks for our office to process your request and receive a response from the other school.

Reciprocity at Other Law Schools
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