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Law Fellowships

St. Mary’s Law Fellowships

Additional fellowships offered through the law school:
Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships
Public Interest Fellowships

St. Mary’s Law Fellowships

Law student fellowships at St. Mary’s focus student leaders with a record of academic success to
collaborate with faculty and practitioners in one of the many fields of the law. Fellows are invited to
a few formal programs each semester and are encouraged to engage in leadership for the law school
community in their respective fields. They have faculty mentors with interests and expertise in their
field and senior mentors, alumni and other lawyers with similar interests and experience.

The program has three categories of participant.

Fellows are current students at St. Mary’s Law with fellowships. An individual may apply or be
nominated for a fellowship at any time, though the award of a fellowship will depend on the
student’s record in academics and leadership, as well as the availability of fellowships at that time.
In rare circumstances, a student pursuing a program St. Mary’s Law, other than the J.D. may
be made a fellow. Fellows are encouraged to become senior mentors after graduation.

If you are a law student interested in participating in a St. Mary’s Law Fellowship, please contact Law Admissions at or 210-436-3523.

Faculty mentors are professors in the scholarly or practicing faculties of the School of Law who
have a strong interest or expertise in the field of a Fellowship. Faculty mentors meet fellows
individually and collectively, invite them to observe activities related to their field, and host at least
one event per semester for the fellows and senior mentors in their field.

Senior mentors are attorneys, judges, public officials, corporate officials and others with an interest
in the success of St. Mary’s law students, with experience in or a strong interest in the field of a
fellowship. Senior mentors meet fellows and fellows designate individually and collectively, host
events for fellows, invite them to observe activities related to their field, and join the faculty mentor
in their field in activities for their fellows.

St. Mary’s Law Fellowships are designated in fields drawn from arenas of legal practice or service
and from areas of interest in the better understanding of the law and legal practice. Fellows may
request to be reassigned a designation during their legal education.

If you are a St. Mary’s Law graduate and are interested in becoming a senior mentor, please contact Joel Lauer, Executive Director of Law Advancement, at or 210-436-3660.

For faculty and law alumni interested in becoming a faculty mentor, please read the Fellowship Faculty Mentor FAQ and Form.

Technical Rules

Retention of Fellowship: Accepting a fellowship is a commitments to learn and to serve. A student
retains he fellowship for as long as the student demonstrates the character and fitness to practice law
and to be a servant leader while pursuing the degree for which the student was offered a fellowship.

Stipends and Retention of Stipends: Some fellowships are awarded with a stipend, which is a
scholarship ancillary to certain fellowships and subject to separate conditions of the stipend’s award.
A fellow who does not satisfy the terms or conditions of the stipend may lose the stipend. A fellow
who loses a stipend but remains a St. Mary’s law student in good standing pursuing the same degree
and meeting the standards for retention of a fellowship described above would retain the fellowship,
just without the stipend.

Fields: Fellows are encouraged to choose or accept a field before matriculation. A fellow may wait
to designate a field during the first semester of study. A fellow may request the Fellowships
Coordinator to change his or her designated field at any time. Changes may be made effective upon
the granting of the request for a change, but changes are usually effective at the end of the semester
in which they are requested.

Fields for St. Mary’s Law Fellowships

Please note that the list of fields and the scope of individual fields may change from time to time,
according to the interests of students, faculty and senior mentors.

Fields of Law Practice

    • Appellate Practice
    • Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Law and Practice in China
    • Civil Trial Practice
    • Civil Rights
    • Constitutional Law
    • Criminal Law and Practice
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Education Law
    • Employment and Labor Law
    • Family Law
    • Health Law
    • Immigration Law
    • International Law
    • Law of Diversity and Identity
    • Military Law and National Security
    • Natural Resources and Environment
    • Oil and Gas
    • Products Liability and Consumer Law
    • Public Interest Law
    • Social Justice
    • Solo and Community Practice
    • Sports and Entertainment Law
    • Technologies and Law

Fields of Legal Inquiry

    • Advocacy of the Law
    • Law and Commerce
    • Law and Faith
    • Law and Community
    • Philosophy and History of Law
    • Service Through Law
    • Social Justice
    • Texas Practice

Faculty Mentors

  • Appellate Practice
    • Phil Lynch, Anne Burnham, Wayne Scott, Vincent Johnson
  • ADR (See Dispute Resolution)
  • Banking and Finance
    • Angela Walch, Mike Barry
  • Bankruptcy
    • David Hague
  • Contracts and Commercial Law
    • Colin Marks, David Hague, Mark Cochran, George Flint
  • Law of Business Structures
    • Chad Pomeroy, David Grenardo, Colin Marks, Scott Rammell
  • Law and Practice in China
    • Chengling Liu, Robert Hu, Vincent Johnson
  • Civil Trial Practice
    • Wayne Scott, Claire Hargrove, Regina Stone Harris
  • Civil Rights
    • Stephanie Stevens, Anne Burnham, Al Kauffman
  • Consumer Law
    • Ramona Lampley
  • Constitutional Law
    • Michael Ariens, Bill Piatt, Al Kauffman
  • Criminal Defense
    • Geary Reamey, Anne Burnham
  • Criminal Prosecution
    • John Schmolesky, Stephanie Stevens, Alan Haynes
  • Dispute Resolution
    • Wayne Scott
  • Diversity and Identity Law
    • T.K. Floyd, Emily Hartigan, Mike Martinez
  • Education Law
    • Shannon Sevier, Al Kauffman
  • Elder Law
    • Awaiting Appointment
  • Employment and Labor Law
    • Bonita Roberts, John Teeter
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Awaiting Appointment
  • Law and Faith
    • Richard Flint, Bill Piatt
  • Family Law
    • Victoria Mather, Dayla Pepi
  • Government Service (Elected or Administrative)
    • Steven Peña
  • Health Law
    • André Hampton, Bernard Reams
  • Immigration Law
    • Erica Schommer
  • International Law
    • Bob Summers, Vincent Johnson,
    • Chenglin Liu, Henry McLeish (spring)
  • Juvenile Law
    • Ana Novoa, Stephanie Stevens, Anne Burnham
  • Legal Ethics and the Rule of Law
    • Vincent Johnson, Jennifer Spreng, Stephen Sheppard
  • Law and Practice in Mexico
    • Roberto Rosas
  • Military Law, National Security, and Veterans Law
    • David Schlueter, Jeffrey Addicott, Bob Summers
  • Environment and Natural Resources (Water)
    • Amy Hardberger
  • Oil and Gas
    • Laura Burney, Peter Hosey
  • Philosophy and History of Law
    • Michael Ariens, Wayine Scott, Stephen Sheppard
  • Products Liability and Consumer Law
    • John Teeter, Genevieve Hébert Fajardo
  • Property and Lands
    • Chad Pomeroy, Laura Burney, Richard Flint
  • Public Interest Law
    • Gregory Zlotnik
  • Social Justice (Social Security Law, Housing, etc.)
    • Karen L. Kelley, Dayla Pepi
  • Social Justice (Fairness, Equality, and Justice Pe r Se )
    • Ana Novoa, Joshua Childress
  • Solo and Community Practice
    • Caleb Rackley, Geary Reamey, Will Rice
  • Sports and Entertainment Law
    • David Grenardo
  • Technologies and Law
    • Angela Walch
  • Texas Practice
    • David Dittfurth, Afton Cavanaugh
  • Trial Practice (See civil or criminal practice)
  • Wills, Estates, and Trusts
    • Victoria Mather

Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships

The Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships provide financial support to students who commit to work on legal matters for veterans. This program is funded by a generous gift from the Moody Foundation.

For the 2017–18 academic year, Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships will be awarded to students who commit to work at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. (TRLA), with TRLA’s Veterans Advocacy Project, on legal matters for veterans. The program will provide a $4,000 fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year or a $2,000 fellowship for either the fall or spring semester.

Applicants must be entering their second or third year of the J.D. program in Fall 2017. The fellows will be selected based on academic credentials, commitment to public service, and interest in veterans’ issues.

Each fellow is expected to work at least 240 hours for the academic year or at least 120 hours during either semester. In discussion with the supervising attorneys, the fellow may choose from a number of options regarding the number of weeks and number of hours per week to meet this total hour requirement. Additional funds may be available for training opportunities related to the fellow’s work.

Fellows will work under the supervision of a TRLA attorney. Fellows may work on a variety of legal matters for veteran clients, including housing, public benefits and general litigation matters. The fellows may also work to solve barriers to housing and employability for veterans, through driver’s license restoration or criminal record expunctions.

In the course of their work, fellows will have the opportunity to attend meetings of working groups and coalitions that include St. Mary’s School of Law and TRLA, along with other veteran-serving providers throughout the San Antonio community. These forums will provide the fellows a wider perspective on the many legal and social issues facing veterans, including veterans experiencing homelessness. In addition, fellows will attend a number of Community Justice Program (CJP) pro bono legal advice and counsel clinics for veterans, sponsored by the San Antonio Bar Association, held monthly at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital. At CJP, the fellows will work alongside practicing attorneys to provide advice to veterans on a variety of legal issues.

The deadline to apply for a Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships is 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Moody Foundation Veterans Law Fellowships

For additional information, please contact Karen L. Kelley, Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Professor of Law, at

Public Interest Fellowship

The St. Mary’s Public Interest Fellowship provides financial assistance to a first-year or second-year law student who has secured a position for the summer of 2017 with a legal aid or legal services provider serving low-income clients.

Please note that, unlike some other fellowship opportunities, you must have already accepted a position with a non-profit legal aid or legal services provider in order to be eligible. Additionally, this funding is not for government sector positions, such as internships with a judge, a DA’s office or the Office of the Attorney General, to name a few.

The Application and Agency Agreement Form (filled out by your employer) must be received by the Office of Career Services along with your application.

The deadline to submit an Application and the Agency Agreement Form for a Public Interest Fellowship is 5 p.m., Sunday, May 14, 2017.

Public Interest Fellowship Application

Public Interest Fellowship Agency Agreement Form

For additional information, please contact Robin Thorner, Director of the School of Law’s Office of Career Services, at

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