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M.Jur. Environmental Law Concentration

Students in an environmental science program at St. Mary's

Understanding the treaties, statutes and regulations that govern the interplay between the harnessing of natural resources and conservation efforts is necessary for any professional in the field of energy, environmental impact assessment or sustainable development.

Through this program students will develop a fundamental understanding of the legal principles underpinning the core environmental laws that address environmental pollution, use of natural resources and the responsibilities of private, corporate or governmental entities.

The Environmental Law concentration is one of many M.Jur. degree programs at St. Mary’s. You may also be interested in the Natural Resource Law concentration.

Environmental Law Curriculum

Required Courses
Course NameCredit Hours
Fundamentals of the American Legal System (offered online)2
Legal Research and Writing I (offered online)2
Environmental Law3
Contracts (offered online)4
Property (offered online)4
Administrative Law (or Administrative Law and Regulatory Interpretation, offered online)3
Two additional electives from this list must be chosen.
Course NameCredit Hours
Contracts Drafting3
Energy Law2
Land Use3
Oil and Gas3
Public International Law3
Texas Water Law2
Texas Environmental Law2
Water Law3
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