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Serina Hernandez

Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit

Serina Hernandez

How did you get your job?

I got my job through the mock interviews done through OCS in my first year. I picked a potentially interesting area, and it grew into an actual job.

What was the most surprising thing you learned at your job? 

I learned how many people represent themselves from jail, and how much of a disservice they may be doing to themselves in the long run.

What do/did you like most about your job? 

The opportunity to learn, everything I touch is an opportunity to learn something new and gain a new skill. I also really like that the Conviction Integrity Unit focuses on restorative justice. The emphasis on making sure things were done right and trying to ensure that justice was truly served is such an amazing path. I feel so blessed and excited to be able to have this exposure and experience.

How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path? 

I think that hands-on application is invaluable.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at this job? 

There are a lot of paths to get to the right answer. Not everyone is going to do things in the exact same fashion, and that does not make it wrong. Just different.

Did your job change in a virtual workplace?  How did you interact with your co-workers? 

This is an in-person position, but there is remote work that is leveraged pretty effectively as well. I suspect that remote work is being utilized as well as it is as a by-product of COVID.