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Ryen Maddox

Texas Humane Legislation Network

Ryen Maddox

Why Animal Law?

I have always had an interest in the welfare of animals. It wasn’t until I took Animal Law at St. Mary’s with Professor Katz (who is phenomenal by the way) that. Once I realized that as a future attorney, I could make a difference in laws impacting animals in the State of Texas (not to mention their rights and voice in a courtroom). I realized that I could provide a voice for the voiceless. Once I realized this, I dove straight into Animal Law. I went all in. I wanted to understand the intersection of law and its impact on animal rights, safety, and welfare.

How did you get your job?

And this is where and why I reached out to the Executive Director of the Texas Humane Legislation Network, Ms. Shelby L. Bobosky. I emailed Ms. Bobosky directly and told her of my passion and provided her with a copy of the bill I drafted for a new Animal Law in Texas. Ms. Bobosky graciously read and reviewed that proposed bill and, kindly, accepted to me be her summer 2022 intern at THLN. Had I not reached out to her directly, I don’t believe I would be where I am right now.

What did you like most about your job?

My favorite part about my job is the feeling clients have after completing an application for free legal aid. So many people call each day with legal problems you could never imagine. Helping them complete an application for free legal aid and hearing the stress leave their voice makes it feel like I’m truly making an impact. Each client leaves our phone call feeling like someone is actually working to help them, which is the goal.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned in this job?

This is why I encourage anyone in the legal field to not be afraid to follow their dreams, their passions, and their purpose. Nothing is waiting for anyone, only opportunity. And we can’t be afraid to be turned down if we are determined to follow our passion. To see how organizations like THLN impact the passing of animal laws in Texas will be so meaningful for me and my legal career and I look forward to this journey.