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Haley Collette

Kustoff & Sanders, LLP – San Antonio, TX


How did you get your job?

I’m a law clerk at Kustoff & Sanders, LLP here in San Antonio. I began with the firm as a paralegal in 2019, and Melanie Sanders and Taylor Crull (both St. Mary’s Law Alumni) talked me into applying to law school. I’m thankful that I have had them as mentors through this journey.

What is the most surprising this you learned at your job?

So far, the most surprising thing that I’ve learned is that everyone is constantly learning something new, and it is beyond busy. This experience has helped me see a field of law that I didn’t even know about (let alone considered practicing) and now it’s become a field that I’m thinking about focusing in on.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at this job?

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned is to ask for help. It’s okay to not know exactly how to do everything, and it’s actually better to ask rather than act like I know what is going on. The lawyers that I work for have been in my shoes before, and are happy to help lead me to become a better future lawyer.

Did your job change in a virtual workplace? How did you interact with your co-workers?

As for working remotely, we worked remotely for a little while, and then reopened the office June 1st with COVID restrictions. Everything has gone well thus far, and I’ve been able to sit in/watch hearings on YouTube, which is a neat way to see how the ways practicing law can be done going forward.