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Corey Nobilo

Sloan PLLC – San Antonio, TX


How did you get your job? 

I secured the job opportunity by utilizing the OCI and Job Listings page on CORE, which allowed me to establish the initial contact with the law partner at the firm. After submitting the required documents (cover letter, resume, and writing sample) I had a phone interview with the partner at the firm and shortly thereafter I was fortunate enough to secure the opportunity.

What do/did you like most about your job? 

The best aspect of the job is working for the partner at the firm Mr. Jeremy Sloan. He has done a great job ensuring I am being exposed to many different things in order to provide me with the ultimate legal experience. Mr. Sloan engages in a wide variety of legal practices which has allowed me to explore many different fields of law. The work I have been assigned to complete, coupled with the client interactions and exposure to the entire process involved at a law firm, has made me feel as though I am making a real difference; while providing an invaluable learning experience. I can’t thank Mr. Sloan enough for the opportunity.

How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path? 

The experience of working at a law firm is unparalleled. The skills I feel I have acquired through working at the firm is very different from what we learn in law school. Law school has provided me with knowledge of the law, but it isn’t until I started working for the firm that I have been able to truly understand what my career as a lawyer will look like after graduation. Nothing prepares you better for life as a practicing attorney than real world experience of working for an attorney/firm. In short, this experience has helped me by providing me with the insight into what life as an attorney truly looks like, and has assisted in kick-starting my development for the skills necessary to hopefully one day succeed in my chosen career path.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at this job? 

The most valuable thing I have learned at this job is the actions involved during the different phases of a legal case. This includes everything from when you first sign a client and that entire client intake process, to the end result of trial or settlement. Learning the process and being an active participant at each stage with a diverse range of cases and clientele is what I attribute to being the most beneficial aspect of the job thus far.