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Cole Davila

Calfas Law Group – San Antonio, TX


What was one thing you learned while at your job?

One of the most surprising things about my job at Calfas Law Group was seeing that there are still incredible amounts of unanswered questions about the law. Even seemingly straight forward concepts are not quite as set in stone as they seem. New applications of concepts and new developments mean that the law is ever-changing and fluid, despite the centuries that our law has had to be established.

What did you like most about working for Calfas Law Group?

What I liked most about my job was helping people. We had people’s futures in our hands. The research and other work I was able to do helped the people that came to us. Being a part of an organization that potentially saved someone’s future and where I know my work went towards helping people was an incredibly rewarding experience.

What is something you took away from your job that will help you in the future?

The most valuable thing I learned was the gravity of the responsibility that we have to people that we will one day represent. In class, you are removed from cases. Names, dates, locations are all just tools to help memorize a concept for the final. Working in a law office teaches you that all of that is important. Someone is depending on you, someone you can talk to, learn about their thoughts, likes, dislikes, someone you could meet any day on the street and be friends with. Their lives are in your hands whether it be a criminal or civil issue.