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Analisa Gomez

Law Office of Joseph Acevedo – San Antonio, TX


What did you enjoy the most about your position?

The aspect I enjoy the most about my job is being able to assist clients with actual cases. I also enjoy researching for our cases and acting as an advocate for our clients in criminal and personal injury matters. My boss teaches me so many interesting lawyering lessons every day while exposing me to different types of law such as family, probate, and personal injury. 

How has your experience helped you prepare for post-graduation?

I think this experience has helped me in my career path because it has allowed me to connect with so many different individuals, both outside the legal field and within it. For example, on a personal injury level, I have been able to successfully network and build relationships with adjusters, treatment centers, and insurance companies in order to secure settlements for clients. This internship has given me valuable insight into the life of an attorney and has allowed me to apply what I learned in my first year of law school. It’s a riveting feeling being able to understand the language of lawyers and actually see the topics in class come to life. 

Did your experience change due to the Pandemic?

For the most part, my job did not change in a virtual workplace. If need be, I can call clients from my home and work on some aspects of their cases. However, I choose to come into the office so I can get the full experience of meeting with clients and reviewing case files. My office also had plexiglass put on each desk so we could interact with each other and clients. Masks are also required when we are not seated at our desks and clients must wear them at all times.