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  • The Office of Career Services is located on the second floor of the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library in Room 216.
  • All Office of Career Services handouts and many other resources are available in the Symplicity Document Library. If you need Symplicity access please contact Kimberly Underdown.
  • Reciprocity Request Form
  • NALP Principles and Standards

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First-year Students

You truly need to spend at least the first months in law school concentrating on the adjustment and your studies; therefore, you are welcome to:

Stop by the Career Services Office (Law Library, room 216) during office hours (usually 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, until 5 p.m. on Friday) for free coffee, candy and a smile!

However, we abide by the NALP Principle which states that law schools should not offer career services to first-semester, first-year law students prior to Oct. 15 except in the case of part-time students who may be given assistance in seeking positions during the school term. This has been interpreted to mean that prior to Oct. 15, first-semester, first-year students cannot:

  • Attend certain specific instruction workshops. Advertising will indicate which ones you may attend; but don’t worry, those you can’t go to will be offered again in the spring.
  • Meet with Career Services personnel to discuss interviewing, etc.

NALP also prohibits law schools from connecting employers with first-semester, first-year students (and vice versa) before Dec. 1. This has been interpreted to mean that prior to Dec. 1, first-semester, first-year students cannot:

  • Participate in fall on-campus interviewing (but you can participate in the spring)

Not to worry: You will get a chance to draft a legal résumé and learn all about our services in your fall Legal Research and Writing class, after Oct. 15. That will be your first step toward finding a job.

Recruitment Program

Fall Recruitment Program

Fall On–campus Interviews (OCI) will take place throughout August, September and October depending on the employer’s preferred date.  Employers review your applications and select students they wish to interview. You will need to apply through St. Mary’s Symplicity site. Interviews will be held in the law library on the second floor in the rooms next to OCS.

The Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program will be held in Dallas on Friday, July 29, 2016. Stay tuned for additional information on job fairs.

All applications for fall on-campus interviews are done through the St. Mary’s Symplicity site.

The Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program is run through the Sunbelt Symplicity site.

Important Dates

June 1
June 6
June 15
June 24
July 13
July 18
July 21
July 21
July 29
July 30-Aug. 1
Aug. 5
Aug. 21
Sept. 3-5
Student registration in Symplicity opens for Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program
Bidding/applying begins on St. Mary’s Symplicity for August and September OCI
Student bidding begins at 9 a.m. CST for Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program
Student bidding ends at 5 p.m. CST for Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program
Student view interview awards for Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program
Noon deadline for Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program for student to accept or decline
Application deadline at 5 p.m. for August OCI employers
Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program final schedules made available to employers and students
Sunbelt Minority Recruitment Program
Students will be notified of August OCI interviews and accept or decline them
Texas in Washington Recruitment Program
Application deadline at 5 p.m. for September OCI Employers
Students will be notified of September OCI interviews and accept or decline them


Recruitment and Cancellation Policies

If you bid for an employer and are selected for an interview, you must accept the interview unless you have already accepted a job offer or have an extreme health or other emergency situation. If an emergency occurs and you need to cancel an interview, please contact the Office of Career Services as soon as possible by calling 210-436-3511 or emailing Kimberly Underdown.

It is not professional or acceptable to accept interviews and then decline because you have decided you are no longer interested in the employer. These employers select students they are interested in interviewing and expect to see you. If you “no show” for an interview, you will need to meet with Assistant Dean Faye Bracey and apologize to the employer.

This policy applies to all on-campus interviews and job fairs.

  • Symplicity Directions

    Symplicity Directions

    1. Log onto Symplicity: You can access Symplicity from the St. Mary’s Law Website at:
      • Your user name is: your email address in Symplicity. If you do not know your password, you can use the “forgot password” feature on the Symplicity home page or contact the Office of Career Services (You can email Kim Underdown and we can reset your password for you).
    2. Update your student profile: Click on “Profile” on the top tool bar and then on “academic information” to make sure your YEAR IN SCHOOL and CLASS YEAR are correct in Symplicity.
      • It is especially important for joint degree students as well as evening students who have switched to the day division to make sure the student year is correct.
    3. Review participating employers’ profiles and hiring criteria: Choose “OCI and Job Fairs” on the top tool bar and then the “Employers/Bidding/Applications” tab.
      • There are multiple sessions: Spring Recruitment February 2015, Spring Recruitment March 2015 and several other job fairs. In the “Search Filters” field, select a session to view the employers that are recruiting students from your class year. Be sure to look at ALL sessions.
      • Click on the “Review” button on the far left to review selected employer information, hiring criteria and any additional materials requested for the interview (i.e., application, writing sample, etc.).
      • In addition, click on the “Office Name” in the bid details box, on the far right side of the page, for agency practice areas, website, etc.
    4.  Upload Your résumé, cover letters and other documents: Go to the “Documents” tab and follow the upload instructions for each document. You can have as many documents in the system as needed to apply to employers.
    5. Reviewing scheduled interviews: At any point in the process, you can review your scheduled interviews by clicking on the “Scheduled Interviews” tab, which will list all scheduled interviews.
    6. Interview Preparation:
      • Research the employers with whom you will be meeting. Most Spring Recruitment employer profiles include a website link.
      • Prepare additional materials for your interview. Bring sufficient copies of your transcripts, writing samples and professional references for all employers with whom you will be interviewing, regardless of whether the employer has requested these materials.
        • Writing Sample: Your writing sample should highlight your ability to analyze clearly and write concisely. If you use work product, you must receive permission from the employer and follow the employer’s guidance on redacting confidential information.
        • References: Contact your references to notify them that you will be interviewing with employers and ensure they will provide strong recommendations regarding your potential work.
        • Transcript: Obtain an unofficial or official copy of your transcript from the registrar. You can make copies of the transcript for most Spring Recruitment employers, though a few may request official copies. You can scan your copy of your transcript and upload to Symplicity. If they request an unofficial transcript you can also cut and paste it from Gateway into an MS Word document and upload it that way.  If you are having any trouble please do not hesitate to contact Career Services for assistance.

    Note: You will need to add/update your Grade Point Average and Class Rank on your résumé once this information becomes available in January. Class Ranks can be obtained by emailing Yvonne Olfers, Director of Student Records. Be sure to include your St. Mary’s student identification number in the request.

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