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CCB Accreditation

The Master of Jurisprudence concentrations in Compliance, Business Law and Risk, and Healthcare Compliance are the only two programs accredited in Texas by the Compliance Certification Board. This prestigious designation is held by programs hosted at 14 law schools nationwide and 17 schools globally. J.D., M.Jur. and LL.M. students who complete the requirements below are eligible to sit for any of the CCB’s certification exams for up to a year after graduation, without any additional continuing education or professional work experience requirements.

CCB Eligibility Requirements

Certification by the CCB enhances your credentials and many compliance positions require certification through the CCB as a prerequisite to applying. Furthermore, CCB credentials demonstrate to potential employers and colleagues a commitment to and level of proficiency in the compliance and ethics field.

Eligibility for the CCB certification exams normally requires Continuing Education Units and work experience in the field of compliance. However, students who have successfully completed a CCB accredited masters or certificate program from a participating university are considered to have fulfilled these two requirements and can sit for CCB certification exams by earning a B or higher in each required course. Graduates have up to 12 months to take the CCB certification exams as per CCB External Accreditation guidelines.

How does our program help you excel?

By earning either an accredited concentration or meeting the curricular requirements, candidates can differentiate themselves from their peers by sitting for one of the various certification exams and earning professional credentials without having to meet the typical work experience requirements set by the CCB.