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Zecharias smiles in front of a group of flags, wearing professional attire

Catholic Charities – Dallas

How did you get your job?

I learned of the opportunity through the Office of Career Strategy and applied through CORE. The OCS was immensely helpful in prepping me for the interview as well as making sure my resume was well-structured. I met with an adviser and she gave me a great deal of guidance on which questions to ask, what I could expect to be asked and the most effective ways to convey who I was and why I was the right man for the job. I believe that this significantly helped me in my quest for employment.

What do you like the most about your job?

I had the pleasure of being a summer associate at Dallas Catholic Charities in the Immigration and Legal Services Division. This was extremely special to me because I came through the refugee and relocation department at Dallas Catholic Charities as a child. Many of my family members have done their immigration processes at that same branch, and my mother actually took her citizenship classes at that location.

Dallas Catholic Charities helped provide my family with quality assistance that we couldn’t afford otherwise, so for me this was an opportunity to give back. I love knowing that we helped low-income families who would probably have either poor or no representation otherwise. Being around so many like-minded individuals who had a passion to help those in need felt absolutely amazing. I worked with three co-interns and I saw more than 160 clients in total. It felt like we really made a difference.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at this job?

I think I underestimated the role attorneys play in maintaining fairness in the legal system. I also underestimated the peace of mind attorneys can provide their clients. Most individuals have difficulty understanding the law, and as a result many don’t utilize their rights. Many live in constant fear because of this lack of understanding.

In my time at Dallas Catholic Charities, I learned the true meaning of a zealous advocate. I saw how hard attorneys fight for their client, knowing that if they failed the client could face extreme repercussions. I witnessed high-pressure situations and high-stake wins. This summer truly helped me decide what type of attorney I would be. I will work hard to ensure the client receives the best possible representation, treat them fairly and become part of the solution.

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