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  • U.S. Attorney’s Office – San Antonio
  • Travis County Attorney’s Office

What was the most surprising thing you discovered at your job?

I was surprised with how welcoming and excited the Assistant U.S. Attorneys were to teach. I expected the office to be very serious and the work to be beyond my abilities (which, of course, it largely was), but the AUSA’s encouraged me to ask for work, and when I did, they let me try and gave me detailed feedback. That led to me working on things I’d never done before and getting to see several of the attorneys in court. This was really exciting because all of the attorneys had very different styles in the courtroom, so there was a lot to gain by seeing as many as I could.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at this job?

The most valuable thing I learned at this job was how much you can learn by expressing interest in an attorney’s area of expertise. When I was interested in any of the work being done, I would mention it to the attorneys. They would share about what it is like for them to practice in the field, how they got to their position, and would usually offer to have me work on more cases with them. Just by asking about their experience, I was given valuable insight and the opportunity to form relationships with very interesting, brilliant people.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at this job? (Travis County Attorney’s Office)

The most valuable thing I learned at this job was how to be prepared when an attorney asks for your help. I learned I should:

  • never leave my desk without a notepad and a pen so if an attorney unexpectedly pulls me into their office to ask for help, I am ready to write down the assignment details.
  • ask questions to make sure I understand what the attorney wants before I leave their office, so I don’t have to come back 5 minutes later
  • ask when they need it completed
  • ask for a go-by so I have an example of how they want the requested document to look when I’m finished

How do you think this experience has helped you in your career path?

I worked part time in the Transaction Division of the office and part time in the Litigation Division. This gave me an opportunity to work with more attorneys and kind of combine two internships into one. Getting exposure to both sides made is easier for me to see which type of work I preferred and which type seemed to be more difficult for me to enjoy.

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