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Professor Chad Pomeroy

Featured Faculty: Chad Pomeroy

“Our concentration in Business and Entrepreneurship Law both imparts the legal knowledge needed in the business world today and gives our students the tools they need to utilize that knowledge to succeed in business and in their community.”

M.Jur. Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration (available online)

The M.Jur. in Business and Entrepreneurship Law is for established entrepreneurs, as well as small business owners prior to starting their business or after they have established their business.

The coursework is also ideal for those with established franchisees or in upper management of established larger companies who may be thinking of starting up their own company.

Master’s-level students in other concentrations, such as engineering or MBA students, can also benefit from the curriculum.

You’ll learn about:

  • Business law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law

What is Business Law?

Business law encompasses most of the laws related to businesses and corporations, from contracts to the creation of a new business to issues that may arise when businesses interact with other businesses and customers. Business law governs the ways in which people can legally start, buy, manage, close and sell a business, as well as they ways in which property issues, shareholder rights, mergers and acquisitions can be handled. Business lawyers have a deep understanding of subjects like contracts, employment laws, tax laws and copyright laws.

In contrast, commercial law focuses on the sale and distribution of products. Commercial law and business law overlap in many ways.

Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration Curriculum

Required Courses
Course NameCredit Hours
Fundamentals of the American Legal System (offered online)2
Legal Research and Writing (offered online)2
Contracts (offered online)4
Property or Torts (both offered online)4
Business Associations (Or Business Structures and Statutory Compliance, offered online)3
Negotiations (offered online)3
Employment Law (offered online)3
Accounting Class3

Additional Concentration Requirements

Two additional electives from the list must be chosen. 
Course NameCredit Hours
Tax Class2 to 3
Secured Transactions (or Commercial Law and Contracting online)3 (or 4 for Commercial Law and Contracting online)
Business Torts3
Intellectual Property2
Trademark Law2
Copyright Law2
Cybersecurity (or Privacy) Law2
Remaining electives are at the discretion of the student with the director’s approval.

Online offerings may be limited and may differ from residential counterparts.

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