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Olawale Ogunmodimu

Law Success Instructor


Olawale Ogunmodimu

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  • J.S.D, Tulane University Law School, 2020
  • LL.M., Tulane University Law School, 2016
  • LL.M., University of Lagos, Nigeria, (in view)
  • Barrister at Law (BL), The Nigerian Law School, 2012
  • LLB., Kogi State University, Nigeria, 2010,
  • DIL, Kogi State University, Nigeria, 2005


Olawale Ogunmodimu joined St. Mary’s Law School in August 2021 where he teaches Legal Communications, research, and writing.

He teaches and helps students understand the foundations of law, the essence and structure of legal communication, and how to use guided legal skills to persuasively answer questions presented in real and fictitious fact patterns with recourse to ethics and professionalism.

Before joining St. Mary’s Law School in August 2021, Olawale had practiced law in several capacities as—Legal Officer, Contingent Liability Officer, Company Secretary, Contract Attorney, and member of the Christian Legal Society.

Olawale’s work combines disciplinary excellence in teaching, researching, and advocating law as a profession. His scholarly interests span through comparative law, constitutional law, human rights, international law, and socio-economic rights.

Olawale is currently researching comparative legal frameworks of protection for–Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Stateless Persons, and Refugees.


Chancellor’s Award, Best Graduated Candidate, Faculty of Law, Kogi State University, Nigeria, 2010.