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Luis Ramirez-Daza

Practicing Faculty



  • Master in International Economic Law,American University (Washington College in Law), 2001-2002
  • CEI Institute Universitaire des Etudes de Development, 1996
  • CEI in Droit International, Graduate Institute of International Studies, 1995
  • Catholic University (Lima-Peru) (Post-Graduated Program Master Program in International Economic Law (Graduate Studies), 1991
  • JD, San Marcos University (Lima-Peru), 1987

Specialties and Courses

  • International ADR & International Tribunals
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Economic Law
  • Public and Private International Law


Luis Ramirez-Daza is a Peruvian lawyer with postgraduate degrees from universities in Lima, Peru; Geneva, Switzerland; and Washington, D.C.

He is a member of Lima Arbitration and is in charge of the international area of international arbitration and dispute resolution. He served as professor of civil and commercial law at Catholic University in Lima-Peru and as attaché of the Mission of Honduras before the World Trade Organization (WTO).

He also worked at the Foglia Law Firm in Geneva Switzerland from 1993 through 1997.

Luis Ramirez-Daza was chief of the area of research of the center of Judicial Research at the Supreme Court of Peru. Also, he performed the functions of Secretary General and then Chief-in-Charge of the Foreign Trade Institute in Lima Peru (1989-91) as well as Solicitor of the Judiciary in the areas of Constitutional, Civil, and Commercial Law in Lima-Peru.

His fields of specialization are international alternative dispute resolution and international tribunals and courts, international arbitration and international economic law. Ramirez-Daza is fluent in Spanish, French and English.



  • Lex Mercatoria and Trade Usages (1995)
  • International Law Volume 1 (collaborator) (1993)
  • Legal Persons in the Peruvian Civil Code. (1987)

Articles in a Periodical

  • Moral Damages in Investor-State Arbitration (2018)
  • The Status of Arbitration in international Intellectual Property Disputes (2015)
  • Arbitration in International Economic Law (2013)